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I am a Rehabilitation Practitioner and I provide Behaviour Consultation throughout the Northwest Region to children, families, teachers, and community partners. I provide hands on consultation and tangible modelling while implementing a functional and easy to understand approach. I believe that the key to the success of any program is practicing a person/family centered method while promoting consistency and routine within the home, school and community environment.

I am recognized as a Behaviour Consultant on the Government of Alberta Request for Qualifications list giving me the opportunity to deliver behaviour consultation services to children through the FSCD Program (Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program, Northwest Region). In addition I am also certified to facilitate Family/Person Centered Planning, Triple P Parenting and Foundations Training.

I started off my career as a front line staff member working in school systems, group home settings and family home environments. I furthered my involvement in a variety of community projects including managing a pilot project for people with disabilities in the Northwest Territories, and managing an agency that specializes in using a multidisciplinary approach for children with special needs. I have also worked for the Government of Alberta as a Coordinator for the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program, and as a Complex Needs/Specialized Services Caseworker with the Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program.

Courses, Volunteer Experience & Causes

• Past Committee Member

• Behaviour Review Committee

• Abuse Protocol recognition in Vulnerable Adults

• Rehab Practitioner Development Committee

• Northwest Region Self Advocacy Committee Chair

• Northwest Alberta Self Advocacy Committee

• Provincial Self Advocacy Advisory Committee

• Albertans Advocating for Change Together

• Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments (SIVA)

• People Planning Together: Person Centered Planning Advisor

Security e Course

Crucial Conversations

Reference and Regulate - David Loyst

. Zones and Regulation - Advanced Training

. How Does Your Engine Run Certification 


Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program (FSCD) Contracts **

As stated in your contract, no out of pocket expenses. Consultant will direct bill to the Government of Alberta FSCD Program.

Functional Assessments

These assessments are typically, but not exclusively, used to identify the causes of challenging behaviours such as self-injury, aggression towards others or destructive behaviours. Although there are different methods for carrying out functional assessments, they all have the same goal: to identify the function of a challenging behaviour so an action plan can be put in place to reduce this behaviour and/or increase more adaptive behaviours.


This is where the consultant can review with the family the direct findings from the Functional Assessment.

Direct Consultation/ Modelling of Strategies

This is where hands on modelling and direct consultation is offered.

Person Centered Planning

As a trained and certified Person Centered Planning Facilitator I can come into your home or school and facilitate  a cohesive plan where family members and multidisciplinary  team members come together to set goals and objectives  to create one common approach for the family and the child.

Private Consultation

Cindy MacPherson, the owner of Kids Incredible, offers In Home Private Consultation Services at $100/hour. Contact to inquire.

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