Testimonials Kids Incredible Behaviour Consulting


We are truly thankful for the expertise and insight Ms. MacPherson has provided to our staff and students, at our school.  With Cindy's guidance and calm direction we were better able to address student's antecedents to prevent unwanted behaviour throughout the day.

Behavioural strategies were used to create a plan which was implemented immediately. During the transition Cindy demonstrated calm reassurance and compassion to both the students and adults involved. The training provided was extremely effective and rewarding. It is great to see such progress and a better working/ learning environment for everyone.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to families and educators alike.

It is evident that she cares for the children and has a desire to create a brighter future for them.

Thank you Cindy!

 Michele Allen


We have worked with several team members over the years to assist our child with special needs; however Cindy offered our family professional services with special attention to the details of what our families goals and needs were.

We highly recommend Cindy as her knowledge and years of experience really came into play in helping our son.

We can't express our gratitude enough. Thank you Cindy for your hard work and dedication.

 The Lovean Family :)

Lisa Richer Lovean


Ms. MacPherson's exemplary guidance has made my Junior Kindergarten classroom a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all who take part in it. I have seen the patient love and attention she bestows upon her pupils, and its positive results. What she does seems not a job to her, but a calling. Thank you Cindy, for all you've done for K :)

 Jessica Lavallee


I had the opportunity to work with Cindy in my Kindergarten class. Looking back, what strikes me as most remarkable is the "vision" she has for the kids she works with. Just because someone has a special need, does not mean we shouldn't have expectations for them. Cindy has high expectations, just as I do for each student I teach. We want them all to be their best--to learn and progress.

The fact that Cindy works with the student, the parents, and the school staff in the home and at school is so important--it provides consistency. I have seen the growth in our student and I must say it has been amazing. I personally went from feelings of frustration to a sense of calm.

Cindy, thank you for your help, time, suggestions, and honesty. What you are doing for kids is awesome!

I have and will continue to recommend Kids Incredible to anyone struggling with behavior issues (at home and at school).


 Andrea Noskey


Cindy takes the time to earn your child's trust! We love working with her and have seen our son grow and learn.

 Karle Weiderick